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Leadership in the 21st Century

A Unique Program for Senior Leaders

Today’s leaders need a competitive edge to navigate and manage the pace of constant change. Flexibility, adaptability and skills working with others are no longer enough to accomplish business goals. It is essential that today’s leaders know how to get the best from their colleagues, their organizations, and from themselves.





Few development programs actually teach leaders how to leverage their highly developed competencies and apply new skills that promote individual and group success. GISC’s Leadership program uses a well-established and proven approach for increasing personal impact that will expand participants’ knowledge about themselves as leaders—helping them build on personal strengths and develop the potential of those with whom they work.

GISC’s Leadership program is tailored to address both a personal leadership challenge and an organizational leadership challenge selected by each participant. The program provides a range of learning methods, including experiences which promote immediate insight, opportunities for intensive skill practice, plus time to reflect on one’s own leadership profile within an organization. Each cohort’s success is supported by seasoned faculty and coaches who believe that all leaders can increase the range of their individual leadership style to achieve greater influence and impact.

Interacting with other senior-level leaders who recognize the value of professional development that moves beyond content to build capacity, participants return to their organizations with new skills, increased confidence to lead effectively, and fresh perspectives on the role they perform.

The program is presented in two modules over a seven-month period. It requires a commitment to attend both modules and to conduct an individual learning inquiry that relates to their organization between sessions. Each participant will be provided with an experienced leadership coach who will work with them during and between Sessions One and Two in order to support the integration and application of their learning.


Session One: Understanding Myself as a Leader
The work focuses on enhancing participants’ self-perception and building leadership presence. The unique opportunity to receive feedback from peers and faculty and to expand their range of behaviors provides participants an opportunity to make an immediate impact on their practical leadership skills. The
session will include the following:

  • An exploration of core leadership values and assumptions


  • Practice with a simple model to enhance effectiveness and authenticity of communication


  • Heightening appreciation of elements of presence and style of influence


  • Introduction to action inquiry as a leadership tool


  • Use of coaching skills in leadership


  • Identifying a personal leadership challenge and an organizational leadership challenge to focus each participant’s learning goals and experience


  • Meetings with individual leadership coaches in preparation for intersession work



Session Two: Leading Groups & Influencing Change
The work focuses on the skills required for leading and participating in groups, and is enriched by extensive practical experience in how groups function most effectively. The important dynamics of power issues will be addressed, along with a comprehensive model for managing change. The session will include the following:


  • Seeing patterns of interactions in teams and small groups
  • Supporting the healthy functioning of teams
  • Using strategic and interpersonal skills in a balanced and effective way
  • Using power and hierarchy
  • Seeing the interrelationship of multiple levels of organizations
  • Ongoing work and support for each participant’s personal and organizational leadership challenges
  • Meetings with individual leadership coaches to integrate learning


Individual Leadership Coaching
In order to ensure the individual application of the learning, each participant will be paired with an experienced leadership coach. They will work together one-on-one and as part of a coaching team during and between both sessions to explore specific application of the learning to their role and organization. Leaders will have the opportunity to continue with their coach after the program.


“This is the first training where I practiced and experienced leadership instead of being ‘taught.’ Great, great program! Fran and Gerry are fabulous!”
Senior VP, Finance Farm Credit Lending Organization

“The GISC faculty were able to adapt the program to perfectly match our group’s needs”
Environmental Consultant
Publicly-Traded Consulting Firm


“I was the only director of a small nonprofit arts organization in a room full of major business executives.... The impact each of them had on my approach to leading my organization in the future was profound. The course at GISC was one of the richest experiences of my life.”
David Kuehn
Executive Director, Cotuit Center for the Arts


“While companies spend time focusing on management and financials, they often ignore the most important elements: people and leadership. The Leadership in the 21st Century experience was one of the most profound personal and professional experiences that I have ever had. The impact was such that I have implemented a full leadership program in my company based on what I have learned in Gestalt. We are working to make Gestalt leadership a “way of being” for us - a central component of our culture, and a primary driver of our future success.”

Steven Aukers

“Leadership in the 21st Century changed the way I thought about being a CEO in a family business. I had taken many leadership training courses over the years, but being able to apply them in a family business was difficult. In this program I learned so much about myself as a leader through feedback from the other participants. What stuck with me most, however, was a better understanding of the importance of awareness within a group. I am now able to see my team as a system, and understand how I can support them to be a better team. Having an executive coach between sessions helped me stay focused and practice what I learned during the first week. I now have confidence to handle any type of resistance, turn it into constructive energy and use the power of emotion to get the best results out of my teams.”

Sid Snow
President & CEO
Snow’s Home & Garden

Program Dates and Fees

A Unique Program for Senior Leaders

Not offered in 2018


Session I

Understanding Myself as a


Session II

Leading Groups & Influencing Change
Sunday, 1pm
Friday, 1pm
Fee $10,450
  GISC Member: $10,400

$250 non-refundable application fee (to be applied to tuition) is required with application.

Apply Online Here

Massachusetts organizations: $3,000 tuition reimbursement is available for organizations with fewer than 100 employees. Click here for information about how to apply for these grants from the state.
CE Hours 74
  Belinda Harris
  John Wipfler
Additional Faculty:
  Archie Roberts
Location South Wellfleet, Cape Cod Massachusetts, United States


About the Program:
Leadership in the 21st Century:

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Former Leadership in the 21st Century faculty Bridget Farrands & Paul Rookwood describe the program


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