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Cape Cod Training Program - Benefits

Develop Presence, Insight, and Skills for High-Impact Interventions with the Cape Cod Model


The Cape Cod Training Program (CCTP) offers the opportunity to change the way you see human behavior, human connections and human potential in the workplace and in everyday life.





The program has provided a distinctive learning opportunity for consultants, therapists, coaches and leaders from around the world since 1980. In structured and highly interactive sessions, participants learn how to become effective agents for change using the Cape Cod Model©.


Participants will:

  • Learn to use oneself as a powerful instrument of influence
  • Learn an approach that recognizes how people connect
  • Develop the ability to give compelling, appreciative feedback
  • Learn how to appreciate and articulate the competence of the client or client system
  • Understand a sequence of steps for intervention
  • Gain insights into the differences between strategic and intimate ways of relating and understand the appropriate use of each
  • Learn creative approaches to helping clients expand their range of behavior
  • Enhance their ability to work with differences
  • Have an opportunity for extensive practice
  • Receive daily faculty feedback



This program is designed to benefit coaches, organizational consultants, psychotherapists and other mental health and social service professionals, as well as leaders, educators, and others.


Dates and Fees:

Develop Presence, Insight and Skills for High-Impact Interventions
Week One: May 3-10, 2018
Week Two: Sept. 27-Oct. 4, 2018
Each Week:
Thursday, 3pm
Thursday, 11am

Fee $5,400
  GISC Member: $5,350
  Note: This program requires an application along with a $250 nonrefundable application fee that will be applied toward tuition.
CE Hours 85 - APA, ICF
Faculty drawn from:
  Joseph Melnick (Co-Director)
  Sharona Halpern (Co-Director)
  Carol Brockmon
  Nancy Rutkowski
  Stuart Simon
Location: South Wellfleet, Cape Cod Massachusetts, United States

Practicing what we teach...

We create the space to help you grow, expanding your range and ability to bring about change in yourself and others.


Through decades of teaching and practicing the Cape Cod Model©, the program faculty is attentive to each participant and responsive to their particular needs and learning edge during the course of the program. We help you to develop your own unique way of using the

We believe that when it's safe to be yourself, you become open to possibilities. We help you to gain competence and see competencies in all systems, transforming your personal and professional impact.


By becoming the fullest version of yourself, you become a more competent practitioner. Because the most impactful tool you have as an intervener is yourself, in learning about yourself and how you see the world, you will expand your range of choices as a person and as a professional.

We enable you to move toward and embrace differences, affirm others, and make interventions that have genuine impact, increasing your ability to bring
about profound change in individuals and organizations.

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